80. Common English Sayings From The Bible

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“Can a leopard change its spots?” – Jeremiah 13:23

Ellie, Robby, and Andy discuss some common English sayings that originate from the Bible!  They were all shocked to see many of these phrases to be from the Bible.  Andy for instance thought, “Can a leopard change its spots?” came from a Dr. Seuss book and that “how the mighty have fallen” was somehow a reference to “Mighty Casey at Bat”.  They discuss which ones they hear most often, which ones they use the most personally, and how we could take advantage of the Biblical origin of these common sayings for the purpose of evangelism, or at least take advantage of the easy opening to be able to naturally turn a conversation towards God’s Word!  A few of these sayings are virtually incomprehensible apart from the Biblical context, so Christians can really take advantage of the popularity of such Biblical phrases in our day to day conversations.

Please leave some feedback in the comments section about your thoughts on using this approach to steering a conversation towards Christ and his Word.

Also please, check out the show links to see the list of common saying Andy, Ellie, and Robby were using, as well as to get a visual on who Ellie and Robby are and more about what they do in their service to their neighbors.

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