Cropped Profile ImageMy name is Andy Wrasman.  God has led me to many different places and vocations that I never would have imagined, because I only wanted to do construction work and never wanted to leave my hometown, Hendersonville, TN. Some of these roles include being an electrician, UPS truck-loader, university student (something I never wanted to be), church-worker, campus security guard, deep-sea fisherman in Alaska, an English teacher in China, and a husband.  Through these times, I earned a B.A. in Theological Studies and a M.A. in International Studies from Concordia University. I then taught World Religions and Christian Apologetics at Crean Lutheran High School for nine years. I have written a book, Contradict – They Can’t All be True.  Now I am a pastor in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod denomination.  I am serving God’s people at Oak Road Lutheran Church in Lilburn, GA.

My recreational interests include lifting weights, hiking, listening to rock songs, writing, 20180804_113605Frisbee Golf, playing contact sports, bible studies, shopping at thrift stores with my wife, playing with my kids and watching them play, and of course, surfing the Internet.  It is my prayer that all of my varied experiences, studies, interests, and spiritual gifts will be of service to God’s kingdom as I write blog posts for this site.  I am to write through my Christian worldview about current political, world news, and entertainment articles that interests me.  I’ll also regularly post journals and my personal reflections on reading God’s Word and other theological books.  I look forward to comments and dialog with anyone who wants to communicate on the topics I post.  If you have any questions about Contradict – They Can’t All Be True, please share them with me, as well as any articles you think I should post on this blog.  Be sure to check out my other site: www.contradictmovement.org.

Peace in Christ – Andy Wrasman.

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Please be a logical person and just turn to agnosticism. It’s okay to admit that you do not know, it is your pride that leads you to believe in fairy tales and archaic nonsense meant to keep the ignorant, violent masses appeased.

    1. I checked this out when you first posted it. It looks great, but a little on the long side for what I have time to digest right now. I’m a teacher, so summer break is coming in two weeks. I’ll have more time to look at it and your other posts. Thanks for sharing and I’ll likely post it to the CM Facebook page.

  2. Thanks for your website. I haven’t had time to have a good look at everything, but I found your video about shinto on youtube and am going to include a link to it on my website http://www.godorabsurdity.com as I’ve written an article about shinto showing the internal contradictions with it. I was actually trying to find a testimony of someone who was a Japanese shinto priest or strongly involved in shinto and then came to christ but so far haven’t been able to find anything. Also, I’m assuming that you are a Bible believing Christian and hold to basically orthodox doctrine. God bless


    1. I love your site! I like how it is set-up with various questions to lead people through a conversation. Keep embedding my stuff all you want. When I get my act together and finally create a more organized resources page on the contradictmovement.org page or on this blog, I’ll be sure to add your site to it. I’ll share your site now on the Contradict – They Can’t All Be True Facebook page. You should add me as a friend on Facebook and like that page. Keep up the good work. Where do you live? SoCal? Or do you surf elsehwhere?

  3. Andy, I like your contradict image. I was thinking that another image which could reveal the illogic of the coexist image might be coexist spelled using the logos of professional sports teams. That probably can’t be done due to copyright and all, but it would show the fallacy behind that shallow thinking. What sports fan wants his or her team to just “coexist”?

    1. That would be great! I’m sure you could make it and post it online, but selling it or using it to promote something wouldn’t fly. I have seen that done with Star Trek and Star Wars images, and I just recently saw an amazing one that combined many sci-fi worlds to spell co-exist, such as Aliens, the X-Files, Dr. Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. It was pretty classic.

  4. Buying the book this week! Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for your dedication to the Truth!

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  7. Not here to argue. I did want to point out that you may want to consider a redesign of bumper sticker. Every one i know who has seen it thinks it is claiming all religions, imcludimg yours is full of it. I am sure that is not your intension.

    1. Hi Michael, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.

      I’ve struggled to keep up the podcast over the past six months. I do have a new episode releasing on March 13th. After that, I expect another long gap.

      Sometime near the end of 2018, I expect to be back in a full-swing weekly release of Reconnect. In the meantime, I’ve been releasing a video or two on FB every week or two. That seems to be less time consuming for me at the moment.

      Thanks for asking.

  8. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for setting up this website and sharing your blog!

    Like you, I’m a fellow pilgrim on this journey we call life (aka, “Pilgrim’s Progress”).

    IMHO, this life is a dress rehearsal and the REAL performance starts when we get to heaven (like the movie, “Heaven is for Real”).

    Your website makes me think of the words in Scripture, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’.”

    Those who don’t believe in ABSOLUTES cannot be ABSOLUTELY SURE that what they believe is TRUE!

    As a Christian, “I know (with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY) Whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day.”

    Be Blessed BRO,

    – Peace Out!

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