32. Halloween Special: Christian Paranormal Investigator

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Reconnect Episode 32

A 2005 Gallup poll revealed that 37% of Americans believe houses can be haunted and 21% believe they can personally communicate with the dead.

In a 2009 Pew Research Center survey, it was discovered that 29% of the American population believes they have been in touch with the dead. Among those who identify as Christians, the percentage was the exact same! 18% of Americans claim to have had a ghostly experience (17% among Christians).

In light of such results, is the Church ready to respond to an increasing population that embraces a paranormal worldview? This is a drastic shift from countering the typical Atheistic naturalism. There is a cultural shift occurring in which the non-religious are open to a reality that exists beyond our natural world. However, are Christians prepared to address the many facets of this growing belief system and fascination with the spirit world?

Daniel Jenkins - Christian Paranormal Investigator
Daniel Jenkins – Christian Paranormal Investigator

In the first Reconnect Halloween Special, Andy interviews Daniel Jenkins, a Christian paranormal investigator. Daniel has been on 1000s of “ghost-hunts” as a member of a Christian paranormal investigation team. As a Christian team interacting with non-Christian investigators and scared home-owners who thought their homes were haunted, Daniel and his team were able to share the hope of the Gospel, give explanations to what was being experienced, and personally pray for those who were scared and in need of God’s love and truth.

Questions Answered:

How did Daniel get involved in the paranormal world?

What makes a Christian paranormal team different from any other team?

What does the typical investigation consists of?

Is there usually a natural explanation found through the investigations?

What has Daniel experienced that couldn’t be explained naturally?

What does the Bible say concerning ghosts? Are they just demons, or could they be the spirits of the dead?

How has Daniel been able to share the Gospel through his involvement in paranormal investigations?

How has Daniel’s paranormal involvement been received by other Christians and his pastors?

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