51. 7 More Evidences for Jesus’ Resurrection

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If Jesus rose from the grave, Christianity is true. If Jesus did not rise from the grave, Christianity is false.

To make a case that the resurrection of Christ occurred, it needs to be shown that Jesus died, was buried, his tomb was found empty, and people interacted with him alive again.

Robert Bowman of Credo House made a list of fourteen evidences to support the resurrection claim of the apostles and early Christian Church. This episode of reconnect focuses on the last seven evidences Bowman listed. With the help of Ben Fisher, Andy Wrasman provides details to flush out Bowman’s brief summaries of these strands of evidence.
Evidences for the Resurrection 8-14

8. Paul and Luke’s Independent Testimonies

9. Cleopas and that Other Guy

10. Brother James

11. John’s Eyewitness Testimony

12. Ancient Skepticism

13. Paul’s Conversion

14. Paul’s Mission to the Gentiles

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