Contradict #11 – What Does “Co-exist” mean?

The “Co-exist” bumper sticker is pretty vague in its meaning.  It could mean that all religious fanatics who actively stir up hate and dissension and cause violence in the world due to different religious beliefs should stop, and learn to co-exist!  It’s possible to co-exist and still maintain stark differences, even contradictions, that’s why it’s called co-existence, and tolerance, and not just existence!

Some people have argued that the “Contradict” bumper sticker goes against “Co-Exist.”  It does, and it doesn’t.  It depends on how you define “Co-Exist.”  I have heard from people that “Contradict” is hateful, arrogant, superior, and not loving or peaceful.  I wonder if they actually watched the first Contradict Movement video, which is on the homepage of the Contradict Movement site?  The opening to the video says plainly, we need “Co-existence” if we are to live as humans without hating each other, or worse harming each other physically, spiritually, or emotionally.

However, “Co-existence” has other meanings.  It also means that everyone is right, that no one is wrong, unless of course, your belief happens to disagree by saying it is the only absolute truth and other beliefs are wrong!  The people that claim “Contradict” is hateful, superior, and not loving fall into the “Co-existence” camp that believes religious pluralism.  I have had some people deny this, saying that “Co-exist” in no way means or implies religious pluralism.

Here is a video that explains otherwise, setting the record straight on what “Co-exist” actually is and what it means:

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