Contradict Meme #1

I finally figured out how I can create memes quickly without have someone else’s url on it and with no additional costs to myself .  This means I plan on making plenty of memes.  They seem to be easy ways of promoting Contradict Movement.  Here is a meme I meme I made using the Contradict logo:

contradict meme1I posted this image to Facebook and almost instantly I received a question about who considers Contradict to be hate speech.

The following was my response:

I can provide an example of a person who essentially says that it is hate speech. The person says that it isn’t hate speech, but often times in this paragraph uses the word “hate” in application to Contradict and does in fact call Contradict a bully:

“Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. Most are “the only truth” to countless people. And it’s fine to believe that. But, what’s not fine is not allowing others to have their individual beliefs in the truth. Who cares if they’re wrong? Is it really hurting you? Only if you fight them. Only if you threaten. Only if you belittle, offend, annoy…There’s a saying that hate is like a burning coal you are intending to throw at someone. The only one who gets burned by holding onto hate is you. This isn’t necessarily hate, but it’s close-minded. The Contradict movement is, for all intents and purposes, a bully. And yet, look at how many previously bullied people who have now found God are getting behind it. And before you go and argue that Coexist people are bullies, too, here’s a reminder–they aren’t expecting you to do anything but let people live out their own lives, as ignorant to your version of the truth as they want. It is a wise man who realizes that action speaks louder than any amount of scripture reading and referencing ever will.”

This quote comes from the following blog url:

Also most sites where this image has been posted have responses from naysayers asking why Christians have to hate other religions and why we can’t accept them all and have tolerance?

My brother-in-law works with someone who has a Co-exist sticker on his car. His co-worker parks next to his car with a Contradict sticker quite often. After work, his co-worker told him that when he sees his Contradict sticker all he sees is hate and asked him why he has to hate others. Basically I think the Co-exist-er hates knowing that my brother-in-law professes John 14:6 and thus places his hatred of my brother-in-law’s beliefs onto the message itself, making the message a message of hate because it does spur people towards hatred, just as Jesus said, “The world is going to hate you because of me.”

Another person chimed in to my answer, adding:

Like the guy admits in the quote they want to willingly stay in ignorance, and in actually they’re lashing out and calling you the “hater” because they know they have no ground to stand on when it comes to their claim that “truth is relative”. Most people result to name calling and labeling when they’re exposed, and when the call you the “hater” they’re actually projecting what they are and what they feel toward you.

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The Harlem Shake – Why? What does it mean?

A student told me yesterday, “Do you want to see my ‘Harlem Shake’ video?”

“No, no, I don’t.  This is class.”
“But it’s so good!” was the student’s protest.

I was told that it’s the next big dance craze, similar to “Gangnum Style.”

What I chose to watch was a video that was on my Youtube homepage that was called, “Harlem’s Response to the Harlem Shakedown.”  They were not pleased.  They said that it was not the “Harlem Shake.”  I’m not familiar with the history of it, but it seems from everyone interviewed in Harlem, there is an official dance style referred to as the “Harlem Shake.”  Their response was that what they were seeing in the videos was just people dry humping each other or having sex with the air.  Oh great, I thought.  So that’s the big thing now, for a room of people to start mocking orgies?  The people from Harlem then demonstrated what they considered to be the “Harlem Shake.”  It reminded me of James Brown moves.  One of the old guys from Harlem said the real “Harlem Shake” came from 1916 and started to sing a song about Harlem.

I then watched a best of the “Harlem Shake” video and the videos were absurdly stupid in my opinion, and yes, it was a bunch of people for the most part humping the air.

So why is this so popular and what involvement, if any, should Christians have in partaking in making such videos?  I got duped into watching a men’s bible study video that actually was a bunch of men making a “Harlem Shake” video.  Why?  Why, label the video a “Men’s Bible Study Video” when it’s a “Harlem Shake” video?  Non-sense!

Anyways, here’s an article on this topic from Christianity Today.  You need to read it before making your own “Harlem Shake” video or sharing “Harlem Shake” videos on-line or “liking” “Harlem Shake” videos.  Take the time to do so please.

“The Problem of Christians Doing the Harlem Shake”

Contradict – They Can’t All Be True #8

This video provides a more detailed explanation of the “Contradict” message. “Contradict” on its own does not say which religion is true, if any any. It only points out that they can’t all be true. To know which religion is true, if any, investigation must be done and more information must be shared.

This video also addresses two complaints that I have received regularly using “Contradict” to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are: “You can’t know the truth concerning God.” and “You are being arrogant and thinking you are superior when you claim to know the truth concerning God.”

I read Colossians 1:15-23 in the video. The key is that in the person of Jesus Christ humanity has seen God and we can know God through his interaction with us in history.…

If you want to know more go to for more videos, a blog, a Facebook link, and a page to order a Contradict sticker for yourself and friends.