Rainbow – Catch the Rainbow

I got a live Rainbow CD last year, and I was really impressed with the song, “Catch the Rainbow.” Nowadays with the rainbow being a symbol for homosexuality, some people might be embarrassed to say that they listen to a band named, Rainbow.  And it’s pretty incredible how much culture has changed over the past 3 decades. A rock band of heterosexuals would never call themselves Rainbow today.  It’s inconceivable.  But not in the 70s, especially since the early Rainbow catalog with Ronnie James Dio as the singer focused on fantasy lyrics and artwork with songs about castles, kings, wizards, and setting captives free.

As Christians, we shouldn’t be afraid to have rainbow decals on our cars.  We shouldn’t be afraid to have rainbow decals on T-shirts!  We shouldn’t be afraid of the colors of the rainbow!  The rainbow was a promise, a sign from God, to Noah, to us, that he would never again destroy the world through water.

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Catch the Rainbow!  Chase after God and his promises.  That’s not what this song is about; I’m pretty sure, but that’s what I think about when I listen to the song, that and how amazing Ritchie Blackmore is on a guitar and why in the world is this band not as well known as Blackmore’s first band, Deep Purple.