41. Is Belief in Theistic Evolution a Salvation Issue?

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Theistic Evolution

Ben joins Andy to share answers to six analysis questions he wrote to accompany articles written by Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, who is against theistic evolution, and Tyler Francke, of God of Evolution, who agrees with theistic evolution.  It’s a divisive conversation in the Church today.  Ben and Andy look forward to your feedback after listening.  Below you’ll find the articles Ben has selected for analysis. 

Articles Against Theistic Evolution:

Articles For Theistic Evolution:

Analysis Questions:

  1. What is theistic evolution?
  2. Can you be saved and go to heaven if you believe in theistic evolution?
  3. What dangers/theological problems are there in believing in theistic evolution?
  4. Is it possible that God could have used evolution to eventually create man?
  5. How does the following statement apply to the issue of theistic evolution? “Filling in where the text doesn’t speak and speculating is not interpreting Scripture. Interpretation is to give the meaning of what is written.”
  6. Is it possible to preach the message of the cross and the Gospel without a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis?