42. Farming by Intelligent Design

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The Bible teaches that God created all things. The Bible also teaches that his existence is known by everyone from what he has made, but men have exchanged this truth for a lie. (Romans 1) The beauty and design evident within nature screams for there to be a Creator. Looking beyond intelligent design, observation tells us that life does not come from non-life. There must be a God.

Primal Pastures is a family run farm in Murrieta, CA. They are one of many farms that are growing crops and raising livestock following God’s plan for farming. Andy’s guest for this episode, Paul Greive, one of Primal Pastures’ farmers shares more about this design for growing food that God has built into his creation.

Since Reconnect is a podcast dedicated to sharing and defending the Good News of Jesus Christ, there is a connection to sharing the Christian faith that Paul shares often arises on Primal Pastures’ farm tours.

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