21. Qoheleth: The Search for Meaning in Life

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Reconnect Episode 21George shares his paper, “Qoheleth: The Search for Meaning in Life”, with Andy.

Solomon’s method for searching for meaning in life is one to consider. His conclusion is one we should all the more consider.  With such an endearing topic, Solomon truly is a preacher for our day.  George and Andy make some connections to how we can take Solomon’s search for the meaning in life and use it as a tool to share the Gospel with those who are searching themselves, or to use it to spur others on to simply consider the meaning in life for the first time.

Episode Links:

George Allen III’s Presidential Academic Showcase Research Paper: “Qoheleth: The Search for the Meaning in Life”

J. Warner Wallace’s Blog Article: “When it Comes to the Meaning of Life, the Question is not “What”, but “Why”‘