29. What’s up with Presup?

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Andy and Ben take a look at a video God or Absurdity posted that demonstrates what they call “an excellent summary of presuppositional apologetics”.

G or A
The video is a splice of two episodes of “On the Box” featuring Mark Spence answering the question: “What is presuppositional apologetics and how is it used?”  In the process of answering this question, Mark discredits the use of evidential apologetics.   He does this because he says the nonbeliever will discredit all evidence that is presented for the existence of God.

Andy and Ben disagree with Mark Spence on some of his points about evidential apologetics and they agree with him on some of his points about presuppositional apologetics.  Together, they make a case for using both presuppositional and evidential apologetics when sharing and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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