31. Tattooing and Flying Drones for Jesus

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Jake Wells
Jake Wells

Jake Wells is a Flesh Pilot.  He’s a tattoo artist and a DIY RC POV Helocopter enthusiast.

Tattoos are taboo in most Christian circles.  Jake is covered in them and he covers others with them too.

Remote controlled helicopters are a booming hobby, though a controversial one due to the fact that most people call them drones and some pilots fly them in illegal spaces or over private property while filming from them!

Despite the controversy, Jake uses his job as a tattoo artist to share the Gospel and he has been dubbed the “world’s first RC (Remote Control) Christian Minister”.

Andy interviews Jake to find out more about how he became a Christian and how he shares Christ through his work and hobbies in the hope that Jake’s boldness to share the Gospel through his every day endeavors will excite others to do the same in their jobs and recreational pursuits.

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