92. Presuppositions and Evidence in Christian Apologetics

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David Pratt is back on Reconnect to further discuss his love of Presuppositional Apologetics.

His brother, Jonathan Pratt, and Andy Wrasman have lots of questions for him, especially Andy, who prefers to lead with the Gospel and defend the message of the Gospel using historical evidence for the historicity of the New Testament.

The following questions are discussed (not in the particular order of the video):

Did the Apostles ever try to convince someone that God exists?

Did the Apostles ever use presuppositional apologetics?
Did the Apostles ever use evidential apologetics?

What does 1 Peter 3:15 tell us to be able to prepared to give a defense for?

Does Scripture teach that everyone knows that the Triune Lord exists or just that a Creator God exists?

So Atheists are lying when they say there is no God, because they actually know there is a God? Do you find it helpful to tell Atheists, you’re not an Atheist, you know God exists? Then more specifically tell them that they know the Christian God?

Is Presuppositional Apologetics an argument from natural knowledge or revealed knowledge? If it is an argument from natural knowledge, then how does it show Christianity to be true?

Isn’t evidence beyond the existence of truth, knowledge, and logic needed to show that Christianity is true?

When would you, if ever, use evidence for the historical reliability of the Gospels and the evidence of the resurrection? Are you opposed to it?

87. Surfing Sye Ten Bruggencate’s Website

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Ben Fisher’s back from his Reconnect sabbatical and he guides three high school seniors through Sye Ten Bruggencate’s website, “Proof That God Exists.”  The website has an interactive questionnaire that uses presuppositional apologetics to guide visitors to the conclusion that God exists based on the visitor’s admission that absolute truth exists, that you know things to be true, that logic exists and that it is universal, not made of matter, and does not change.  If visitors don’t come to the conclusion that truth, knowledge, and logic exist in absolute, unchangeable, immaterial terms, then they are eventually redirected to Disneyland’s ticket ordering web page.

29. What’s up with Presup?

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Andy and Ben take a look at a video God or Absurdity posted that demonstrates what they call “an excellent summary of presuppositional apologetics”.

G or A
The video is a splice of two episodes of “On the Box” featuring Mark Spence answering the question: “What is presuppositional apologetics and how is it used?”  In the process of answering this question, Mark discredits the use of evidential apologetics.   He does this because he says the nonbeliever will discredit all evidence that is presented for the existence of God.

Andy and Ben disagree with Mark Spence on some of his points about evidential apologetics and they agree with him on some of his points about presuppositional apologetics.  Together, they make a case for using both presuppositional and evidential apologetics when sharing and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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