Significant Discoveries From Studying Other Religions #2

As a “freebie” question at the end of a test on Hinduism and Buddhism I gave the following question: “Explain the most significant piece of religious information that you’ve learned so far from this class and how it has impacted you.”  Here is one high school student’s answer but to understand his answer you might need to be familiar with Buddhism’s 4 Noble Truths and the 3 Marks of Reality:

The most significant piece of religious information that I’ve learned so far from this semester is about the 4 Noble Truths and 3 Marks of Reality in Buddhism.  I disagree with the 3 Marks of Reality because God doesn’t change, he has a permanent identity, and has released us from suffering by dying on the cross.  Also, I agree that desire will end in suffering, but to live is not to suffer.  God gave us lives as a gift, not for us to plainly suffer.  We are free from suffering when we faith in Jesus, not when we follow the 8-fold Path.  This impacted me because I don’t have to follow a certain rule in order to be saved.  Also, I was grateful that I don’t have to view living as equal to suffering.