33. Resurrection or Reincarnation?

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Reconnect 33

Many religions teach that the soul is eternal and that it passes on from one life to the next, being incarnate in a new body each time.  This teaching is called reincarnation.  It contradicts the teaching of resurrection that says this life is the only life humans have before a bodily resurrection of all the dead at the final judgment of the Lord.

Mike Shreve of Shreve Ministries shares why he used to believe in reincarnation, how he used to teach others about reincarnation, how the Lord saved him and brought him to embrace the resurrection of Christ and the future bodily resurrection of all the dead, and how he explains that reincarnation isn’t logically consistent.

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Shreve Ministries

Free Download of Mike’s Testimony: Encountering God

Website for Mike’s Book, In Search of the True Light: The True Light

25. A Christian Response to Yoga

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Reconnect Episode 25Did you know that yoga is integrally linked to Hinduism?

If you didn’t know this, do you think you should know more about it before practicing it if you are a Christian?

If you did know this, can yoga be stripped from its Hindu meaning and origins as it is commonly practiced in the West?

Is it appropriate to “Christianize” yoga?

Are some yoga classes recruitment grounds for Hinduism and the New Age Movement?

Have you ever been to a yoga class that has everyone say “Namaste”?  Do you know what this means?  Is this an appropriate word for Christians to use with others?

Is it permissible for Christians to practice yoga?  Is this a strong brother/weak brother situation that Paul addresses in Romans 14?

When Christians practice yoga what message are they conveying to Hindus and those of the New Age worldview?

Mary Eady of TruthXchange answers all of these questions in this episode of Reconnect!

She has written a booklet entitled, Letter to a Friend: Yoga.  It’s currently being repackaged for a new round of publishing, so I can’t share a link to it at the time of releasing this episode.  It is one letter in a series by TruthXchange intended to guide Christians in sharing the truth of Scripture in a winsome way with their friends when addressing difficult practices and beliefs that are commonly accepted in our culture and even at times the Church, yet are in conflict with what God has revealed to us in his word.

Show Links:

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Should Yoga be Allowed in Public School (The Week)

TruthXchange Store (Hopefully Mary Eady’s letter will be available soon)

Holy Yoga (Listen to this episode and then surf this site)

24. The State of Pluralism

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Andy is in the process of turning his book, Contradict – They Can’t All Be True, into an audio edition.  This episode is a sampling of the work in progress as he reads the first chapter.  The influence of Hinduism in the West with its connections to religious pluralism is addressed, which leads perfectly into next week’s episode asking the question, “Is it OK for Christians to do yoga?”