Joseph Smith and the Trinity

Do Mormons believe in the same God as Christians?  This is a topic that many Americans are speaking about right now since Romney is a Mormon.  Christianity Today ran an article on the differences between Orthodox Christianity and Mormonism: The Real Differences Between Mormons and Orthodox Christians.  

From this Christianity today article I found a link to one of Joseph Smith’s last sermons:

Sermon by the Prophet—The Christian Godhead—Plurality of Gods.Meeting in the Grove, east of the Temple, June 16, 1844.

Judge for yourself if the Triune God is represented by Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, or not.  How is it different?  How is it the same?  Does Joseph Smith say Orthodox Christianity’s Doctrine of the Trinity is accurate to Scripture?  Or does it say the Trinity’s teaching of three persons with one divine substance is a “curious organization” that is wrong and inaccurate with Scripture?

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Andy Wrasman

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