John 15:7

One of our memory verses in class is John 15:7 – “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”  We read it as a class in context, reading verses 1-16.  Here are the notes that were produced by two different class discussions.  These are just notes, so you might have to fill in the gaps a little.  We will love your feedback.  Peace in Christ.

Class notes 1:

John 15:1-16

• We have to trust in god. He picks us up while we go through trials and tough times
• God prunes off our sinful nature and we may not like it but it’s for out best in the long run
• Even though we are declared good by God (justification), we still need Jesus to make us better people (sanctification)
• The branches that go into the fire are not coming out (hell)
• Without god we can do nothing!
• Civil righteousness – Doing good in accordance to the world’s standards (anyone can do this)
• Divine righteousness – Doing good in accordance to God’s standard (we can only do this with Christ)
• If you stay in God you will want what he wants
• God doesn’t come straight out and tell us what his plans are but he will make hints of what his intentions are and we step into them through faith

Class Notes 2:

John 15:1-4
-It’s saying if you are not with God, nothing good will come to you, and God helps you
-God will give punishments but he has mercy
-God is disciplinary out of his love for us

John 15:5-8
-You don’t accept Jesus, you will have nowhere to go but Hell
-Meditating in Christ will bear fruit in our spirits and souls, we can see it through our actions
-Verse 7: God is always there and we can come to Him for anything, even if it’s just help or guidance, gives three answers to prayer: yes, no, or wait, if no he has something better

John 15:9-12
-Joy from following God’s rules and laws
-Love your neighbor as God loves us
-God chooses us, God loved first.

John 15:13-17
-to be God’s friend, you have to obey his commands, you need to be willing to die for your friends, no longer servants but friends in Christ
-God will not call us a servant, a servant only sees so much, but we are in his inner-circle

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