How do religions contradict each other?

If someone says that all religions have the same teachings, and same basic principles, and you share that this is not the case; religions contradict each other in ways that are irreconcilable to anyone who is an orthodox adherent to their religion of choice.  To be able to back up your assertion, simply have memorized a few doctrinal categories and several of the world’s religions’ positions for each of those categories.  Spitting out a few examples of what different religions teach, say, in the categories of who God is, what the source and focus of revelation is, and what lies after this life, should be enough to demonstrate some very stark contrasts in beliefs.  Clearly, all religions don’t teach the same views on life, God, and the destiny of mankind, but can you quickly demonstrate it?

The following image is a photo I took of a student’s test that asked this basic question.  Check out how he answered the question (click the image to enlarge):

Religious Contradictions

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7 thoughts on “How do religions contradict each other?

  1. Thanks for this. Do you have an official answer sheet? I’m asking because I’ll be teaching some of this. Or would you mind if I sent my answer sheet to you and you looked it over?

  2. Let’s partner on it. I’ll give you a copy of my test and some resources that I have, and you can send me what you have.

    Can you message me via WordPress, or do you need an email? I need to set-up an email for Contradict Movement soon anyways.

    Peace in Christ,

  3. I seem to notice a common thread that is missing. All of those religions do teach the value of being a good person by various moral and ethical standards. And while subtle and removed from the defining points above, I myself can’t ignore that particular common thread. But that’s just me.

      1. I myself like to think that everyone has got some things right (the bit about being a good person and the like) but that they do also get much of it wrong. If for no other reason than the ideology was made by people who are fallible. So, I agree with you there, just with a caveat or two.

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