Can Sci-Fi Fanboys Allow Co-existence?

Sci-Fi Coexist Bumper StickerCould this happen?

Of course, fans of the X-Files can love the Alien universe.  Plenty of Lord of the Rings fans also read the Star Wars books and follow all of the spin-offs.   Even the most treasonous act of loving Star Wars and Star Trek occurs all of the time.  And the most blasphemous act of all is already set in motion – JJ Abrams who directed the Star Trek remakes is directing the forthcoming Star Wars trilogy.  I know one fanboy who couldn’t sit still in-class when this news was released.  His world had ended.

Of course, this type of co-existence happens in the Sci-fi world.  Geeks, nerds, fanboys can unite over multiple Sci-fi universes and enjoy them at the same time.  But… can those universes actually co-exist with one another.  Could you imagine how it would play out if an alien from the Alien universe entered into the X-Files story arch?  Chris Carter would be strung up before filming even has a chance to begin.  What if some sort of time and dimension jump took place and all of a sudden the Star Trek Enterprise with Captain Kirk was teaming up with the Rebels to fight the Empire?  Fans would not allow this to happen.  Would they?  Could this co-existence really take place?  Could these story-archs all unite without sacrificing something special within each of their unique universes?

So why should we expect this to happen with religions?  Come on!

Could this be a good starting point for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with someone?

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Andy Wrasman

I live in Lilburn, GA, with my wife and two young kids. I am a pastor at Oak Road Lutheran Church. I've written a book called, Contradict - They Can't All Be True. Be sure to visit my other website:

5 thoughts on “Can Sci-Fi Fanboys Allow Co-existence?

    1. Thanks for the correction. I guess we should just say “fans” instead of fanboys. I hear that term a lot. I sort of thought a fanboy was an uber-fan. I would consider myself a fan, but not a fanboy. What do you think? is there a differnce between a fanboy and a fan?

  1. “Could this be a good starting point for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with someone?” In this case you would have to know your audience pretty well. I think it would be cool if somehow Kirk and the enterprise went through a wormhole and ended up in orbit around Tattoine just as Vader’s destroyer arrived, or something like that. So for someone like me, it wouldn’t work. But if you had a Star Wars/Trek purist on your hands it might be a good tactic.

    1. I think it works even for you. You recognize that you are not a purist of the various fictional sci-fi worlds, so you would have no problem with a merging them for kicks and giggles, which I wouldn’t either. The purist would highly object though to such coexistence, even in the fictional world. So why should we not expect the purist (the orthodox) of diverse religions to hold to the same commitment of not co-mingling their doctrines into one?

      1. I see your point. But let’s say theologically I lean towards the “many ways” doctrine, and I also don’t have a problem commingling “Wars” and “Trek”. It seems to me this approach would just sort of affirm my “many ways” position, since I would (and do) find the “Wars/Trek” purists’ position rather silly.

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