54. Christianity Has Pagan DNA!

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Christianity Has Pagan DNA

Andy likes to surf the New Age shops to see the new lingo and directions of the oneist, pagan lefties.  He discovered a sticker that read, “Christianity Has Pagan DNA.”  Andy snatched one (after purchasing it) and used it as a centerpiece for a small group church discussion guide.  Ben and Jonathan join Andy for this episode of Reconnect to discuss this sticker.  Hopefully you like the conversation that ensues, and if so be sure to access the guide Andy created (linked below) so you can have this same discussion with your local small group Bible study, Sunday school class, or youth group.

Christianity Has Pagan DNA! Questions

Who is a pagan?  What’s paganism?

Does the Bible give any indication that there is pagan DNA within Christianity?

Even if there are real and intentional connections to pagan mythology and beliefs in the Bible do these connections in any way discredit the Christian message?

Do you we have any pagan practices, imagery, or carry-overs from pre-Christian culture within modern day expressions of Christianity?  How do you respond to these?

What do you think this sticker means by pagan DNA within Christianity?

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