57. Evil and God Quiz

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Dr. Evil meme
How can an all-good and all-powerful God allow evil to exist?

Listen along as Jon takes a quiz that Andy created to help facilitate a conversation to answer this common and difficult question against the consistency of the Christian worldview.

Show Links:

Take the Quiz before Listening!

iMom (Jon mentions this short film in the episode.

Why Does a Good God Allow Evil? (Video that is shared at the end of the episode)

Contradict – They Can’t All Be True (Andy’s book)

Published by

Andy Wrasman

I live in Lilburn, GA, with my wife and two young kids. I am a pastor at Oak Road Lutheran Church. I've written a book called, Contradict - They Can't All Be True. Be sure to visit my other website: https://www.contradictmovement.org.

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