Greek Gods vs. Jesus

greek godsWe can understand the Greek gods.  If Zues is upset, he’ll smite thee!  He’ll release the Kraken!  No problem there.  If you’re hot, he’ll have sex with you, and he won’t take no for an answer.  We get these gods, because they’re like us.  They’re who we’d be if we were gods.  They’re sinners hyped up with super-powers and over-sized egos, hanging out on a Mountain in the sky, acting like hormonally out of control teenagers all day and all through the night.

Jesus on the other hand.  He’s not so easy for us to grasp.  God in the flesh dying on a cross at the hands of his own creation so they might have eternal life.  There are a lot of doctrines in the Bible to unpack to understand the significance of why God would have to die in the person of Jesus Christ so we might have life after death, but this is for certain; Jesus is not like any of the gods on Mount Olympus!

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