Reconnect Episode 5: Who are the Sons of God? – Genesis 6

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George Allen III moderates a debate between Andy Wrasman and Jay Clair concerning who the sons of God are from Genesis 6:2.  Jay argues that the sons of God were angels that procreated with the daughters of men, who then gave birth to the Nephilim, who were mighty men because of their angelic genes.  Andy argues that the sons of God were male Nephilimbelievers who married female nonbelievers and that the nonbelieving wives led the believing husbands away from the Lord, which led to humanity turning our eyes from God to seeking after the Nephilim, who were not half-breeds but simply great men of renown that everyone idolized, except of course for Noah and his family.  This topic came up in episode 4, Jesus vs. Zeus, so it’s being addressed in more detail this week. The topic of who the sons of God are arises quite a bit within video game storylines, as well as amongst Ancient Alien theorists and within certain Christian denominations, so the topic is good to be aware of no matter which side of the argument you land.  Both Jay and Andy agree that all Christians should strive to bring all discussions of the Nephilim to the point of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reconnect Episode 4: Jesus vs. Zeus

Avengers meme that confuses God and god.  There is a difference.
Avengers meme that confuses God and god. There is a difference.

Jay Clair has been a very active member on my Contradict – They Can’t All Be True Facebook page.  

I discovered that he had a blog called Blue Eyed Shy Guy.  The blog stood out to me because I am a fan of Mario 2 for the NES, and to my knowledge it was the only Mario game that featured the Shy Guy characters.  Jay explains the name of his blog at the start of the podcast.  For this show we discuss one of his blog posts that really stood out to me: “What is Meant by God?”.

The blog post originated as a reply to an Avengers meme that his brother sent him.  Many people compare belief in Jesus to belief in Zeus, basically saying, they’re both mythological gods.  Yet, Jay responds with a break down of the difference between God with a capital G and god with a lower case g.  Doing such shows that belief in Jesus is nowhere near the same as belief in Zeus.  His work also shows that there isn’t as many proposed Gods to consider if someone is evaluating the world’s religions for truth.

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