Everybody has a creed!

Everybody has a creed!

  • Every personal belief has a statement that expresses it.
  • Even those Christians who say “No creed except the Bible.”
    • That in itself is a creed.
    • This is a self-contradictory position.

Why isn’t the Bible enough?

  • Even though the Bible is a small book, there is a lot of content in it.
  • There are differing interpretations – different hermeneutics that bring forth contradictory teachings.
  • Confessions place a stake in the ground concerning what one understands to be the proper interpretation of Scripture.

The first creeds/confessions of the Church

  • The most important teachings, formulated in a way that you can get it across to your pagan neighbor! This would be like 1 Cor. 15
  • Nicene Creed – Written to counter false teachings
  • Irenaeus used the rule of faith
    • Subjective – everyone has a rule of faith that they run with
    • But this rule of faith must be in submission to Scripture
    • As to confessions the rule of faith has a flexible guide
      • This flexible guide shifts to the needs of the people
        • Confessions don’t always address the concerns of the day
        • Is it Left Behind? Is it speaking in tongues and spiritual gifts?  Is it transgender issues?  It depends.
      • Operative rule of faith
        • A rule that one would write for his current situation to operate by

The confessions set boundaries/parameters by which we can interpret Scripture.