60. Of Apes and Men

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Cecil Planet of Apes - Shotgun

A gorilla was recently killed at the Cincinnati Zoo to save the life of a toddler that had fallen into the gorilla cage.

The result was a social media uproar!  There was immense outrage that the gorilla was shot.  Many suggested that the child should be the one to have died or that the parents should be charged with the death of the gorilla.  At stake in such backlash to the zoo’s decision to kill the gorilla to save the child is the value of human life in comparison to that of animals.  Is all life equally valuable?  Are some species more valuable than others?  Is human life more valuable than the life of all other species?  Would the zoo have killed 10,000 gorillas to save the life of one toddler?  Where is the value of life derived?  Where does human value find its grounding?

Wes, Ben, and Andy discuss all of these questions from a Christian worldview, while trying to get inside the inner workings of some other belief systems.