How is Christianity Different From All Other Religions? – High School Students Answer

How is Christianity Different From All Other Religions? – High School Students Answer

Christianity differs from all other religions in more ways than one.  First of all, in Christianity God makes a divine intervention on behalf of all of humanity.  In other religions, Jesus not seen as the Savior.  Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for all of humanity.  In no other religions do you see a perfect, blameless God take on being a humble man sent to Earth.  You don’t see a perfect God being humiliated and tortured for our salvation.  In other religions, there are lists of works you must perform to be saved.  We, as Christians, are saved by God’s grace through faith apart from our works!

Christianity is different than any other religion.  Christianity does not require any good works for salvation.  Our faith isn’t even of our own doing.  In all the other religions we have studied so far we have seen a list of requirements to reach “enlightenment” or “nirvana.”  Christianity isn’t like that.  It doesn’t mean that if we slip up and don’t follow the law laid out by God that we will go to hell.


Christianity is different from other religions because of divine intervention.  Christianity is the only religion in the world where God stepped in to save man.  Christianity is not man’s attempt to reach God, rather God’s saving grace which he has made available for all.  While other religions will require strict adherence to a set of laws, rituals, or codes, the only thing required for a Christian is faith in Christ’s death and resurrection.  What also sets Christianity apart is that our future is certain.  There are no ifs, ands, or buts, if you believe in Jesus, you have been given the gift of eternal life in heaven.


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2 thoughts on “How is Christianity Different From All Other Religions? – High School Students Answer

  1. Writadten to lead Chrisadtians deeper into readading their Bibles, to renmid them to ask and learn what the Bible really says, to faciladiadtate the memadoadrizaadtion of verses as the Holy Spirit leads us, to encouradage medadiadtaadtion on the Word, and to guide Chrisadtians in askading God for help in underadstandading. The author has comadpiled an invaluadable coladlecadtion of Bible quotes. His own underadstandading is given in short paraadgraphs at the start of each chapadter, and in appenaddices at the end. While I canadnot agree with his sciadence, or his assumpadtions about sciadenadtists, I value his puradpose in thisa0book.

  2. Apart from the man-centeredness of the final sentence of answer 3, these are all fine AS FAR AS THEY GO

    But the wolves in sheep’s clothing no longer lurk at the door to the sheep fold but, dressed as other sheep, lead the sheep to a back door exit from the fold – they no longer contest justification by faith, but they insert sanctification by effort/works and then make that sanctification an ‘inking in’ of the ‘pencilled in’ justification you were given

    Galatian heresy, rarely spotted but ‘snatching doom from the jaws of victory’

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