New Age and Gnostic Chatter – 2 Timothy 2:14-26

The following are my notes from reading 2 Timothy 2:14-26:

Vs. 14 – Keep reminding them of what is found in verses 11-13. The focus should always be on Christ dead, buried, and raised for the forgiveness of sins. Oh… and these things too. Don’t quarrel about the meaning of words. What’s he talking about there. Keep reading.

Vs. 15-18 – Godless chatter. Don’t indulge in it. The teaching will spread like gangrene. He names two of these Godless teachers – Hymenaeus and Philetus. In vs. 18 Paul shares that they have butchered the teaching of the resurrection of not only Christ but of the dead at the end of the age. Footnotes say that these two were Gnostics and that Gnostics taught that the resurrection to not be literal – just spiritual. Hymenaues is mentioned in Paul’s first letter to Timothy, along with Alexander.

Vs. 19 – Despite their false teaching God’s solid foundation stands firm. Two inscriptions. The footnote in NIV says that the first inscription is a quote of Numbers 16:5 in the Septuagint.   The first inscription pertains to the security of the church and the second to human responsibility in the church.

Vs. 20-21 – Noble and ignoble. Godly and ungodly items within the house. Physical and spiritual (porn mags, godless chatter). Harkens back to 2 Cor. 9:28, Ephesians 2:10, and forward to 2 Timothy 3:17.

Vs. 22 – Connected back to vs. 20-21.

Vs. 23-25 – Don’t argue over foolish and stupid arguments. Kind, gentle with those he instructs – not quarrelsome.

Vs. 26 – Come to their senses. The phrase is used with the Prodigal Son. He came to his senses. Apart from Christ we are deaf, dumb, and blind enemies of God. When we come to our senses, we can see, hear, and speak of God. We must view those opposed to God as trapped by the devil. This should help us to be gentle with them as we present the Gospel and lead them to the knowledge of the truth.

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