Reconnect Episode 2: Top Ten Fallacies Used By Religion

In this episode I recruit a former roommate from Concordia University Irvine, Paul Kasaty, to assist me in understanding all the ins and outs of logical fallacies, in particular ten logical fallacies I found on a blog called, God Be Gone. The author listed ten logical fallacies that he claims are used the most by religious adherents, providing examples of what the religious say when committing these fallacies.  Paul explains what each fallacy is in this top ten list and if the blogger’s examples are fallacious arguments or not.  These are good points to know, because if we as Christians are committing these fallacies, we need to stop, and begin to make better arguments.

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Andy Wrasman

I live in Lilburn, GA, with my wife and two young kids. I am a pastor at Oak Road Lutheran Church. I've written a book called, Contradict - They Can't All Be True. Be sure to visit my other website:

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