28. “Jesus is my Girlfriend” Songs

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Reconnect Episode 28

George and Andy take a quiz from ChurchPop that makes them decipher if a selection of lyrics are from a secular love song or a contemporary worship song.

This quiz leads them to ask if it’s a problem if the lyrics to a song intended to be sung to Jesus could just as easily be sung to your girlfriend.

Other questions are also addressed:

Why is there music and singing in worship services? Is there a Scriptural reason to support singing when Christians gather for worship?

What should we expect to see in the lyrical content of songs intended for worship?

Should worship be viewed as a time that God comes and serves us, or a time that we come together to worship and praise God?

Should there be a different standard of lyrical content when singing to God corporately or by one’s self?

Andy has noticed what appears to be a thrust to have the songs and bands in services be something non-Christians or non-Church-goers wouldn’t mind hearing. This means the band in a way has become an outreach component. Is this a good approach to sharing the Gospel? And if this is the intent of some services, are the “Jesus is my Girlfriend” songs missing the mark of their intent for evangelism?

George and Andy both pick a song they have heard recently in a worship setting that has rubbed them the wrong way lyrically and they explain why. Their intent with this podcast is to promote Christians to evaluate what the purpose is of singing as a body of believers and to lead them to think about what they are singing when they gather in their local church bodies.

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