30. Who is Serving in your Service?

Reconnect Episode 30

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We can approach a church service as our opportunity to serve the Lord through what we are doing during our gathering, or we can go to a church service with the expectation that we are going to be served by the Lord. We usually hold one approach as our predominant understanding of what is occurring when we gather. There is a church service order called the Divine Service. This is an order of service typically used within Lutheran traditions. Its name was mentioned in Episode 28, but not much was shared about what actually transpires in a Divine Service. So for this episode, Andy interviews Pastor Jaime Nava of Good Shepherd Lutheran in Yucaipa, CA, to learn more about what the Divine Service is and why Jaime thinks it is the best approach to sharing the Gospel during our church services.

My favorite quote from Jaime in this episode.
My favorite quote from Jaime in this episode.

Show Links:

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church – Yucaipa

Episode 28 of Reconnect which Sparked the need for this Episode

Jaime Shares that Law and Gospel is a Lutheran Distinctive and Episode 27 of Reconnect Explains both of These Terms

The Divine Service – An Explanation at Steadfast Lutherans

An Explanation of the Divine Service for Laypeople by Lutherans Online

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