Daoism – What is it, who believes it, who practices it, and how does it compare to Christianity?

My goal is to create group discussion guides for each religious symbol within the Contradict logo.  So far, I have one made for Hinduism and one made for Daoism.  I create a leader’s guide that gives suggested answers and Bible verses to be read for each question.  My goal however is to have participant’s be able to provide great answers on their own because all the questions are compare and contrast questions between Daoism and Christianity.  All the questions are very open ended and could go anywhere.  I hope that after such a small group discussion all the participants will be able to recognize Daoism’s influence in Western culture and to be able to share the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word in connection to themes and practices of Daoism whenever they arise in day to day life.

Here are the links to the Daoism guides:

Leader’s Guide

Participant’s Guide

I’d love to hear feedback on these guides, especially if you use them to guide a small group discussion.

To close here is a Daoism video that can be used to introduce the discussion:

What is Daoism?

Ever see the Yin Yang symbol?  Rhetorical question.  I know that you have.  But not everyon knows its origins, or its meaning and significance.  It comes from Daoism.  You’ll also see Daoism, spelled and pronounced, as Taosim.  Daosim and Taoism are the same religion.  Daoism is derived from the Chinese pronunciation.  I bet you didn’t know that tofu in Chinese is dofu!  It’s a similar pronunciation and spelling change with Daoism.

Here’s a video that a student from my World Religions class made for Daoism.