What is Daoism?

Ever see the Yin Yang symbol?  Rhetorical question.  I know that you have.  But not everyon knows its origins, or its meaning and significance.  It comes from Daoism.  You’ll also see Daoism, spelled and pronounced, as Taosim.  Daosim and Taoism are the same religion.  Daoism is derived from the Chinese pronunciation.  I bet you didn’t know that tofu in Chinese is dofu!  It’s a similar pronunciation and spelling change with Daoism.

Here’s a video that a student from my World Religions class made for Daoism.

Published by

Andy Wrasman

I live in St. Louis with my wife and two young kids. I am a seminary student at Concordia Seminary. I've written a book called, Contradict - They Can't All Be True. Be sure to visit my other website: https://www.contradictmovement.org.

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