Quick Links to the First 20 Episodes of Reconnect

Producing and hosting Reconnect has been a blast.  It’s hard to believe that 20 episodes have already been released.  Here’s a list of the first 20 episodes that I am providing so you can quickly browse them and know what topics are being covered. They’re all related to sharing and defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reconnect logo designed by Kyle Beshears, author of Robot Jesus.
Reconnect logo designed by Kyle Beshears, author of Robot Jesus.

Episode 1: Meet the Skeptic with Bill Foster

Episode 2: Top Ten Logical Fallacies Used By Religion with Paul Kasaty

Episode 3: Scientology’s Robot Jesus with Kyle Beshears

Episode 4: Zeus vs. Jesus with Jay Clair

Episode 5: Who are the Sons of God? – Genesis 6 a debate with Jay Clair

Episode 6: Contradict – Campus Evangelism with Adam and George

Episode 7: Jews Claim that Jesus did not Fulfill Messianic Prophesy with Conni Schramm

Episode 8: Three Things Christians Say to Hurt Their Credibility with George

Episode 9: Christian Stereotypes with Brett Shoemaker

Episode 10: Religions, Atheism, and War! with Stephen Puls

Episode 11: How to Dress for Church with George

Episode 12: Faith, Hope, Love, and the Club with Cassidy and Brandon

Episode 13: God is Too Big to Fit into One Religion! with Ben and Wes

Episode 14: Hinduism/Christianity – Compare and Contrast

Episode 15: Christian Freedom, Eucatastrophes, and Rock ‘N’ Roll with Pastor Schuldheisz

Episode 16: Building Bridges with Ken Chitwood

Episode 17: Sharing the Gospel when Defending the Gospel with Cross Defense

Episode 18: Evangelism through Publishing a Christian Newspaper with Chris Thompson

Episode 19: How do I Know I am a Christian? with George and Wes

Episode 20: Answering Listeners’ Questions

Reconnect 20. Answering Listerners’ Questions

Andy brings Reconnect listeners’ and Contradict Movement members’ questions to the show to answer them with George and Wes. 

Reconnect Episode 20
1:53 – Responding to the claim that the Gospel of Barnabus is the true Bible that prophesies that Muhammad will be the Messiah.

16:47 – Does Contradict Movement espouse the doctrines of  “Lordship Salvation”?

24:07 – Responding to a post made by Mena Lee Grebin of Faithful Walk Healing Ministry.  She advocates that we must work to maintain our relationship with Jesus.  A Contradict follower, Nick, thinks Mena’s post is inserting our works into our salvation by her post.  In particular Nick wants to know the meaning of the Parable of the Ten Virgins which Mena uses in her post, which we read in full and respond to in its entirety.

46:25 – If we are following Christ, why are we still cursed?

49:50 – Does God’s standards apply to our everyday life or just spiritual life?

51:25 – Feedback from Kurt Calloway on Reconnect Episode 15!

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Reconnect 15. Christian Freedom, Eucatastrophes, and Rock ‘N’ Roll

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First Reconnect July Fourth Special!  Andy discusses the concept of “Christian Freedom” with Pastor Samwise Praetorius (Samuel Schuldheisz) by addressing the eucatastrophes of fairy stories and the Gospel connections that can be made with rock songs.  They both share their top three favorite rock songs to use for sharing the Gospel. If you don’t know how that’s possible, you need to give this episode a listen. 

Reconnect Episode 15Listen to Episode 15 Here.

Videos of Andy and Pastor Sam’s favorite Rock ‘N’ Roll Evangelism Songs:

Please listen to episode before watching these videos of our favorite rock songs to use when sharing the Gospel.  I’m keeping the song titles and bands a secret on this page to not spoil the fun when listening to the episode.  We’d love to hear your feedback on our approach and song selections.  If the linked videos are ever removed, please send me an email at andy@contradictmovement.org to notify me.

Andy’s third favorite rock song for evangelism
Andy’s second favorite rock song for evangelism (the studio version is better but here you can see the drummer in action)
Andy’s top favorite rock song for evangelism

Sam’s third favorite rock song for evangelism
Sam’s second favorite rock song for evangelism
Sam’s top favorite rock song for evangelism

Other Episode links:

Pastor Sam’s blog: E-nkings
Pastor Sam’s congregation’s website: Redeemer Lutheran
“Faith and Fairy Tales” by Pastor Sam
1517 The Legacy Project

Reconnect Episode 9: Christian Stereotypes

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A friend shared a blog post to his Facebook wall.  The image was that of a Corona beer bottle stuffed into the sand of a beach.  The title was “Ten Christian Stereotypes I Hate”.

Christian StereotypesThe stereotypes were:

1. Cussing around me is a no-no.
2. I don’t like homosexuals.
3. I don’t drink alcohol.
4. I don’t like to have fun.
5. I’m judging you because you act differently than me.
6. I am ignorant or uneducated about beliefs other than my own.
7. I think I’m better than you.
8. I’m Republican.
9. I ignore science.
10. I’m a hypocrite.

I agreed with the author.  I thought most of these are Christian stereotypes, meaning many nonChristians assume these ten points about Christians.  I liked the list because I think these stereotypes hinder people who are not Christians from spending time with Christians and from listening to Christians.  Let’s think about it… if a nonChristian thinks that I am ignorant of all beliefs other than Christianity and that I ignore science, will I be able to offer an educated discussion on religious pluralism, the latest Richard Dawkins book, Islamic influence in the world, or what it means to be living in the “New Age”?

If a nonChristian typically swears a lot and finds out that I am a Christian, will he or she then not want to be around me in fear that I will either be judging him or her or act differently, holding a grudge the whole time?

If someone thinks I don’t like them, will that person want to be around me?  If someone thinks I don’t like a certain group of people, will he or she act differently around me because he or she does like that group?

I definitely think these stereotypes can setup immediate barriers between the nonChristian and Christian, so I shared my friend’s Facebook posting of this list.  However, when I shared it, I received many comments from people who thought the author, Brett Shoemaker, wasn’t even a Christian!  They thought he was mocking Christianity.  They thought he was twisting Scripture.  They thought a Christian would never say the things he did in the blog post.  If I liked his post, does that mean I’m twisting Scripture?  Does it mean I am not a Christian?

I arranged an interview with Brett and I let him know in advance that I was coming with argumentative questions.  I shared many of the comments with Brett for him to address.  I also shared other tough questions that I think led to the confusion and offered Brett a moment to explain himself… because to be honest, the way Brett worded some of his explanation could lead one to think that Brett is justifying getting drunk, swearing, homosexuality, and all other sorts of sins that are condemned in the Bible, especially if the Christian reading it fits the stereotype.

I grill Brett to find out if these stereotypes are in fact things that Christians should uphold and obey as commands from God, or if these Christian stereotypes fall into the realm of Christian freedom.

And for you dear listener, If these stereotypes are NOT in fact mandated by Scripture, and if these stereotypes have become unnecessary burdens or divisions for nonChristians to hear and receive the Gospel, then how should Christians respond who DON’T fit these stereotypes?  And if a Christian DOES fit these stereotypes, how should he or she respond to them if they aren’t in fact Scriptural mandates for everyone?

Send your thoughts, comments, and questions to andy@contradictmovement.org.  Feel free to write them, or if you want, record a short one minute reply and send it as a mp3 file for me to share on a future episode or Reconnect.