Are we irrelevant in this universe?

Stand to Reason‘s Brett Kunkle answers the question, “Are we irrelevant in this universe?”  This question came to Brett with the underpinning that because of humanity’s “smallness” in relationship to the dark matter and dark energy present in the universe, we are insignificant, irrelevant!


Mass map of Abell 1689.


Brett responds with an argument that size does not represent value.



Watching this video made me think about Dr. Seuss‘ Horton Hears a Who.  The message from Dr. Seuss is the same, “A person is a person no matter how small.”


Cover of "No Matter How Small (Deluxe Col...


Is size the qualifier for value?  Maybe in the NFL or the NBA, but not even then!  There’s a high school basketball player in Southern California who is seven and half feet tall!  Just becuase he’s that tall, doesn’t mean he can automatically play in the NBA.  He’s not ready for it.  His speed and skills aren’t there yet.  Maybe they will be in the future, or maybe they won’t be.

Humanity’s value and worth comes from our Creator!  We were created in his image.

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One thought on “Are we irrelevant in this universe?

  1. Oh please – you really need to grow up and use your search engine to realize there is no guy with a white beard in the sky who laments when you masturbate as he’sconspiring to wake all the dead humans up in paradise heaven or hell. You think you’re significant enough to have been designed because you don’t have to hunt gather and keep warm like all the other animals because we advanced from that. How many discoveries of pre human fossils anthropologist archeologist and scientist do you have to ignore to believe these bronze age books? Why is it the smarter the world gets the less it believes in miracle workers and answered prayers? Why do you think God never healed an amputee?

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